Lot 17aVarious Speedway Enamel Pin Badges to include Oxford...

Auction Date: 30/01/2019 at 12pm



Various Speedway Enamel Pin Badges to include Oxford Speedway Supporters, 1970 World Team Cup Wembley, Long Eaton Speedway SC Archers 1966, 1971 World Championship Sweden, Hackney Speedway, West Ham Speedway SC, 1949 Ashfield Speedway SC, Berwick Bandits SC, Canterbury Crusaders, 1968 World Team Cup, Wolverhampton Speedway, Newcastle Speedway 1969, Ipswich Speedway SC Welsh Dragon Speedway SC, Hackney Speedway, Newport Speedway, plus others worth inspecting, condition A/G overall (32)

Guide Price: £40.00 - £50.00

(Not sold)

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