Lot 859Large collection of fly tying materials and vice...

Auction Date: 20/10/2018 at 10:30 am



Large collection of fly tying materials and vice et al and ephemera : K.F Odames Engineers Leicester Fly tying vice, 4x wooden boxes with Pearsall’s rayon, dubbing wax, wool, tools, varnish, hooks, and a grand collection of feathers to incl peacock, teal wings Golden pheasant, canary wings, red deer, guinea fowl, black bird, pale reds, heron, hackles, seal fur, turkey neck, wild duck, partridge, teal various other wings mallard, sparrow, hackles, woodpecker, Jay and many, many more et al plus some great early post war letters from 1946-1949 – some marvellous exploits both fishing and shooting between Chapman and Jack Notley

Hammer Price: £30.00

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