Lot 288McKinley, John – unique extensive life-time collection of...

Auction Date: 19/10/2018 at 03pm



McKinley, John – unique extensive life-time collection of index cards for each book purchased, each card containing author, title and description with purchase price and place of purchase. Books include; J. Bailey, Bailey’s Complete Art of Angling, London, c.1813, Thomas Bailey, Fishing and Hunting, 1st edition, London, c.1720, Thomas Barker, The Countryman’s Recreation, London 1654, F. M. Halford, Dry-Fly Fishing in Theory and Practise, de luxe edition, London 1889, J Jones, Guide to Norway and Salmon Fisher’s Pocket Companion, edited by Frederic Tolfrey, London 1848, Alexander Mackintosh, The Driffield Angler, 1st edition 1806, W Yarrell, A History of British Fishes, 1st edition, London 1836/39 and many others, in excess of 2,000 cards total. (large quantity)

Hammer Price: £600.00

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