Lot 526Collection of 10x early USA Golf club colour...

Auction Date: 30/09/2018 at 10am



Collection of 10x early USA Golf club colour postcards from early c.20th onwards to incl Topeka Country Club Kansas ‘09; Stoney Bray Golf Club Wollaston Mass; Clifton Springs NY Sanitarium Golf Club; Yahnundahsis Golf Club Utica NY; Woodlawn Golf Club Cedar Falls Iowa ‘19; Westward Ho Golf Clubhouse Oak Park Ill. 07; The Golf Club House Warren PA 1910; Wabash Golf Course and Clubhouse Ind.; North Gate and Golf Clubhouse Tuxedo Park NY; Country Golf Links Syracuse NY ‘09 and Per Automobile and Golf Club Florida ’18 – 7x postally used (Ex Alan Jackson Collection)

Guide Price: £40.00 - £50.00

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