Lot 310Cricket – Assorted Cricket 1941 to 1950 Central...

Auction Date: 30/09/2018 at 10am



Cricket – Assorted Cricket 1941 to 1950 Central Lancashire League Programmes to include Stockport v Werneth 1941, Walsden v Werneth 1945, Ashton v Milnrow 1946 (autographed by Milnrow team), Stockport v Werneth 1946, Rochdale v Werneth 1946, Ashton v Rochdale 1947, Lancaster v Blackpool 1947, Werneth v Crompton 1947, Oldham v Werneth 1947, Werneth v Milnrow 1947, Middleton v Werneth 1948Castleton Moor v Royton, Walsden v Werneth 1949 (Wood Cup), Crompton v Werneth 1949, Ashton-under-Lyme v Werneth 1950, Royton v Werneth 1950 (Wood Cup), mixed condition, most have scribbling / scores wrote to programmes. (16)

Hammer Price: £18.00

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