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Maharajah Mahendra Singh of Patiala in Durbar Albumen Photograph - A scarce large albumen photograph of the Sikh Ruler of Patiala Mahindra Singh seated at a Darbar with British Official, c.1870. Photograph measures 28cms x 16cms, mounted on large album leaf 45cms x 23cms, and has some minor tiny holes. Mahendra Singh also spelt was Mohinder Singh was the Maharaja of the State of Patiala and succeeded to the throne in 1862 while still a child, so a council of regency ran the state government until he came of age in 1870. During his rule, the Maharaja tried to improve his state by funding colleges and a new canal, and he provided relief for famine-stricken areas. Mohindra College in Patiala is named after and was founded in 1875 by him. He died in 1876 at the age of 24 years.

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