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Record Balloon Flight - London to Weilburg in Nassau Aerial Voyage Engraving – taking place on 7th November 1836, depicts a consultation previous to the Aerial Voyage with the balloon in the background between W. Prideaux, J. Hollins, W. M. James, Robert Hollond, Charles Green and Thomas Monck Mason. Hollond was a sponsor of the 500 mile flight taken by Green and Monck Mason in the Vauxhall Gardens, London which set a record for balloon flight. Painted by J. Hollins A.R.A. engraved by J.H. Robinson framed measures 48xb 43cm approx. signs of foxing present – together with a French Journals dated 1889 entitled ‘The present and future of Aeronautique’ by M.G. Tissandier and more entitled ‘Aerostats et Aerostation Militaire’, plus an Aeronautics Print displaying types of Balloon (7)

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