Lot 775Documents and flugbuch (flight book) belonging to Karl...

Auction Date: 27/02/2018 at 10:30 am



Documents and flugbuch (flight book) belonging to Karl Franz, Luftwaffe Unteroffizier, who flew with Junkers and Heinkel bombers and took part in the Battle of Britain including bombing Leyland factory. Flugbuch from 1940/41 listing 72 flights on HE111, JU52 and JU88 bombers including attacks on France, Plymouth, London. Exercise book with detailed drawings of Leyland factory in Preston, maps and attack plan. SA Badge record book/ID card, RAD membership, DRL sports badge record, barracks photo, pilot documents, post office savings book/ID card, detailed notes on HE111, photo album with 68 photos including visit 1936 Olympics, passing out parade, training and aircraft. After Battle of Britain he was based in Catania where he flew missions against Malta. Very rare to find such a complete set from one man who fought in the Battle of Britain

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