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The First Air Show in the World ‘Grand Semaine D’Aviation de la Champagne’ Programme date 22-29 August 1909 - An historic 20 page programme for this first ever Air Show held near the city of Reims. Listing with details 38 machines and their pilots, such as Louis Bleriot, Glenn Curtiss, Santos Dumot, Henry Farman, Paulhan, etc. Also listing all the prizes for distance, speed and highest flight etc. Printed on finest gloss paper in card cover with Art nouveau illustration on front cover featuring two aeroplanes of the period. Size 5½” × 8½” Note: This was the first international public flying event and was seen both at the time and by later historians as marking the coming of age of heavier-than-air aviation. Almost all of the prominent aviators of the time took part, and the 500,000 visitors included Armand Falli?res, the President of the French Republic and the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, David Lloyd George. It was sponsored by many of the leading makers of champagne including Moët et Chandon and Mumm.

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