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Circus - Autograph – Rare Philip Astley (1742-1814) Signed Hand Written Letter – together with John Astley hand written letter – letters only include the bottom halves with signatures apparent and transcribe ‘…my advanced period of life, nearly in the centre of the first city in the world and where no such equestrian establishment and in that season of the year existed. I have the honour to be with; The Greatest Deference and Respect Your Royal Highness Most devoted obedient and humble servant, Philip Astley…’ the other written and signed by John Astley transcribes ‘…his son who are reduced from this melancholy catastrophe to this mode of application and that by your Royal Highness’ humane interference we may be once enabled to rebuild the amphitheatre for our future support! Trusting on your Royal Highnesses goodness and greatness of heart I beg leave most respectfully to subscribe myself Your Royal Highness Most Humble and dutiful Servant John Astley, 6 September 1803 Westminster Bridge…’. Note: Philip Astley was an English equestrian, circus owner and inventor regarded as the ‘father of the modern circus’. Astley’s circus was so popular that he was invited in 1772 to perform before Louis XV of France in Versailles.

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