Lot 519Maritime - Commission “Given On Board Leviathan At...

Auction Date: 27/02/2018 at 10:30 am



Maritime - Commission “Given On Board Leviathan At Port Mahon This 22nd Nov. 1798 By Sir John Thomas Duckworth Appointing Captain James Bowen Commissioner Of Port Mahon, Manuscript - document with Duckworth’s signature, size 7¾” × 12¼”. (Sir John Thomas Duckworth. (1748-1817). Served as an officer in the Royal Navy in Seven Years War, the American war of Independence. Was appointed to command 74 gun HMS Leviathan in 1794. And went to the West Indies. In 1798 assisted in the invasion of Minorca for which was promoted to rear admiral of the white. James Bowen (1751-1836). Was at the Glorious First of June battle with Admiral Howe. While Captain of the 44 gun Argo serving Commodore Duckworth supported landing of British Troops at Minorca, and over the next few years captured many Spanish ships).

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