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An Exact Collection Of all Remonstrances, Declarations, Votes, Orders, Ordinances, Proclamations, Petitions, Messages, Answers, and other remarkable passages between the KINGS most Excellent Majesty, and his High Court of Parliament beginning at his Majesties return from Scotland, being in December 1641, and continued until March the 21, 1643. WHICH Were formerly published either by the KINGS Majesties Command or by Order from one or both Houses of Parliament. With a table wherein is most exactly digested all the fore-mentioned things according to their several Dates and Dependencies. LONDON, Published by Printed for Edward Husbands, T. Warren, R. Best, and are to be sold at the Middle Temple, Grays Inne Gate, and the White Horse in Pauls Churchyard. 1643” Bound in full leather with four raised bands to spine and paper title label. A re-issue of the first edition of 1642,. There are two settings of quire B, this has the row of ornaments as fleur-de-lys rather than thistles. Engraved frontispiece, title page, 6 pages of prelims, I-61, 64-224, 227-955, [20]. Size 6” × 7½” and 2½” thick. Numerous mis-numbered leaves, and pagination is erratic, although continuous and complete. A fascinating, and comprehensive, collection of the official speeches, declarations, orders, petitions, etc, that were issued, and passed between King Charles I. and Parliament, in the years leading up to, and during the early stages of the English Civil war. A true blow-by blow account of the rise in political tension at this pivotal time in Britain’s history. An incredible historic source.

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