Lot 722Farlow and other reels (4): to incl Farlow's...

Auction Date: 3/02/2018 at 10:30 am



Farlow and other reels (4): to incl Farlow's London Serpent 4” wide drum alloy fly reel, 2x screw drum release latch, chrome line guide stamped with the Farlow’s Holdfast logo, c/w with DT10F line; C. Farlow& Co, Ltd The Grenaby 3.5” alloy fly reel (AF); Heaton Centabrake Patent 3.5” alloy reel stamped Frank Walker Handsworth Wood Birmingham’s missing rear drum screw, an unnamed J.W Young 4.25” black alloy fly reel with side lever check mechanism, drum release latch, retaining nearly all the original finish missing a handle otherwise(G)

Hammer Price: £75.00

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