Lot 635Original Baigent Colour Chart being a catalogue of...

Auction Date: 3/02/2018 at 10:30 am



Original Baigent Colour Chart being a catalogue of actual feathers from Old English Game cockerels - bred by Dr Baigent, Northallerton for fly tying. The chart dates to the 1920s and comes in an envelope bearing Dr Baigent’s name, together with a manuscript list of ‘Baigents Hackles (Neck).’ The chart is illustrated in articles by Terry Griffiths in ‘Fly Tying’ which accompany the lot. Terry Griffiths wrote “This particular chart dates from around 1924 and is still one of the very best sources of information, describing fully the true ‘dun’ colours, and a few others besides.” The lot includes a large collection of Baigent capes/hackles (some of which are illustrated in the articles by Terry Griffiths) and other capes/hackles. Provenance- purchased by the vendor from Terry Griffiths. W. Baigent’s ‘A Book of Hackles for Fly Dressing’ was privately printed in about 1937, limited to approximately 65 copies.     

Hammer Price: £260.00

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