Lot 510Salmon Fly-tying Materials: A cedar-wood box 28ins...

Auction Date: 3/02/2018 at 10:30 am



Salmon Fly-tying Materials: A cedar-wood box 28ins x 12ins, containing a cornucopia of exotic feathers for tying fully dressed salmon flies, including Cock of the Rock, Blue Chatterer, Blue Kingfisher, Speckled Bustard, Bronze turkey flank, Vulturine guinea fowl, Egyptian goose, Macaw, Amhurst and Golden Pheasant, Jungle Cock capes (2), Stoved Mohair and Pearsalls & Easton stout floss, c/w a large quantity of black japanned fly hooks, sizes 3/0 to 5, singles, doubles, low water and blind eye examples.

Hammer Price: £1100.00

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