Lot 187Regan, Tate – “The Freshwater Fishes Of The...

Auction Date: 2/02/2018 at 03:30 pm



Regan, Tate – “The Freshwater Fishes Of The British Isles” 1911 plus “The Salmon” 1959 by J. W. Jones, “Fishes Their Journeys and Migrations” 1933 by Louis Roule, “Handbook of Trout and Salmon Diseases” 1979 by Ronald Roberts and C. Jonathan Shepherd, “Trout & Grayling” 1980 by Norman Maclean and “Life In Lakes and Rivers” 1951 by T. T. Macan and E. B. Worthington – all HB 4x with DJs, condition varies A/G (6)

Hammer Price: £10.00

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