Lot 664A mixed bag (or box) of football memorabilia...

Auction Date: 30/11/2017 at 10:30 am



A mixed bag (or box) of football memorabilia to include a wide variation of items, worth a good inspection. Some noted inclusions are 1949 Wembley Story (Leicester City), 1952/53 Football League Handbook, 1951 Soccer Parade by “The People”, 1966 Boys Book of Soccer (includes 1966 World Cup Final), 1957/58 Sporting News Annual, 1935 Sportsman’s Diary, Wembley Pennant, Matt Busby “My Story” 1957 (softback), 1936/37 Vernons Handbook, 1951 Boys Own (Matthews to cover), 1930’s Association Football, FA Book for Boys (No. 11), FA Book for Boys 1968/69, Manchester United Champions 1992/93 (newspaper), 1965 England v Scotland Song Sheet, 45 rpm record “Glory, Glory Manchester United” 1983 recording, FA News publications April 1956, June 1956 (Manchester City Cup Winners), January, February, March 1958 (latter Manchester United tribute), 1961 September, October, November (former has Tottenham Hotspur tribute), December 1969. (A Lot). Generally Good, some have faults.

Hammer Price: £10.00

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