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India – MK Gandhi Handwritten Letter – an autographed letter to his son - written in his native Gujerati and appear in good condition.‘To Harilal, ‘If you become clean then only stay with Narandas. After your reputation is framed then only you can take public money. If you blamed Bali, and if Manu’s words are correct, then open your heart and apologise to them both. If you are still hiding anything then reveal it now. If you continue cheating on me, then you might be my life taker. Before doing anything ask Narandas and then move forward, Blessing of Bapu’ – appears to be dated 1935, a single page appears in good condition overall. Note: Harilal Gandhi (1888-1948) had wanted to go to England to study to become a barrister, like his father. Gandhi firmly opposed this believing a Western style education would not be helpful in the struggle against British rule over India. This led to Harilal renouncing all family ties in 1911, and his troubled relationship with his father continued throughout his life. It is said that Harilal appeared at his father’s funeral in such derelict condition that few recognised him. He died from liver disease in a municipal hospital in Mumbai. The troubled relationship he had with his father is the subject of the film and play ‘Gandhi My Father’ released in 2007

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