Lot 440AActs of Parliament Selection dated between 1865-1867 contents...

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Acts of Parliament Selection dated between 1865-1867 contents include ‘Governor-General of Canada respecting the extradition of M. Lamirande x2, Public Act relative to the Navigation of the Mouths of the Danube, British Schooner ‘Mermaid’ sunk by a shot fired from the Spanish fort at Ceuta, Operation of French Navigation Laws on British Shipping, Hostilities in the river plate, Affairs in Servia, Despatch of Prince Gortchakoff to Russian Representatives Abroad respecting relations between Russia and Rome, United Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia, Treaty of Commerce between Portugal and France and Convention relative to the establishment and maintenance of a Lighthouse on Cape Spartel, all in good condition (11)

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