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British Army During Napoleonic Wars; Commission Signed By “King George III”. 1794 made out to Charles Doyle appointing him to be Adjutant of Earl of Granard’s Regiment of Foot. Impressive black printing on vellum with manuscript annotations and signatures including King George III and Henry Dundas. Printed on Vellum with manuscript annotations and signatures, size 13½” × 9½”. Sir Charles William Doyle 1770-1842. A character straight out of Boys Own Adventure joined the13th Regiment as ensign at age of 13 years. During the French Wars served in the Netherlands campaign in 1794 at Valenciennes and Battle of Lannoy and twice wounded. Served with distinction in 1796 in the West Indies. Was attached to Lord Cavan’s Brigade at Cadiz, Malta and three Battles in Egypt where he was severely wounded, while recovering was instrumental in capture of Cairo. Went to Spain in 1810 served in Catalonia and the Juntas there made him a Lieutenant-General in the Spanish Army there, was at the battle of Col de Balaguer, defence of Tarragon. His light infantry known as Doyle’s “Triadores” was distinguished in every battle in which he was wounded twice and had two horses shot under him, he continued in Spain until 1814. After the war rose in rank until promoted to Lieutenant-General in 1830s. Together with Document Signed By “King William IV” dated 1837 appointing Lieutenant-General Sir Charles William Doyle assigned to Boards of General Officers. Manuscript document size 8” × 12½”, plus as well his eldest Son; Sir Charles Hastings Doyle (1804 – 1883) Commission signed by “Queen Victoria”1854. Appointing him to be Colonel in Our Army. Black printing with manuscript annotations and signatures, size 16” × 12”. Joined the Warwickshire Regiment of Foot as a lad of 15 years. Served in Crimea and Canada where he countered the threat of a Fenian invasion from the United States. Appointed Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick in 1867. Promoted to Lieutenant-General in 1869) (3)

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