Lot 744Wiggin, M –signed with dedication- “The Passionate Angler”...

Auction Date: 22/07/2017 at 10:30 am



Wiggin, M –signed with dedication- “The Passionate Angler” 1st ed 1944, H/b, D/j, Wiggin, M – “Troubled Waters” 1st ed 1960, H/b, taped D/j, Luce, AA – “Fishing And Thinking” 1st ed 1959, Copley, H - “Two Letter Of Two Fishermen” 1st ed 1930, H/b, Headlam, M – “Rod, Horn And Gun” 1st ed 1942, H/b, D/j plus 6 others by Walker, Morland, Hill, Hartley, Turner-Horsfall and Taverner. (11)

Hammer Price: £35.00

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