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Scarce ‘Wolf’ Signed postcard of Hitler and another of Goebbels with letter of authenticity from Ulrich Ellenbeck a guard at the Berghof consists of Signed postcards by Adolf Hitler and Dr Joseph Goebbels. Black and white photographs signed ‘Wolf’ in ink by Adolf Hitler showing him relaxing in his suit with his German Shepherd Blonda and Dr Joseph Goebbels with his daughter Hedwig (Hedda), very rare is it to see Hitler sign ‘Wolf’ and is associated with closer acquaintances. The signatures were collected by Ullrich Ellenbeck, an SS guard at the Obersalzberg who worked with the guard dogs there. Comes with a four page letter of provenance from Ullrich Ellenbeck in German with an English translation and a small signed picture of him in his Army Officer uniform with one of his dogs dated 1943. The letter gives his life history, how he joined the Nazi party in 1930 while studying medicine in Munich, then pursued a military career. He married his wife Anna Leder in 1932 who knew Eva Braun and made a dress for her. In 1933 he became a member of the SS and attended the SS school at Wewelsburg Castle where he had a second consecrated SS “Eheweihe” marriage. At Wewelsburg he came into contact with Bernhard Frank, later SS commander at the Obersalzberg, who got him a job there working with guard dogs. Here he met Hitler and after a conversation about their respective dogs got the postcard signed in 1937. The Goebbels one was a gift from Magda Goebbels who knew his wife Anna. Ullrich later fought in Russia with the Wehrmacht and and was taken prisoner of war before eventually returning to his family in 1951. Comes with an early version of Mein Kampf (4) Associated article published in the Daily Mail Online on 13th October 2016

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