Lot 341Knightstone Manor 1579 Indenture near Ottery, Devon. 28th...

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Knightstone Manor 1579 Indenture near Ottery, Devon. 28th August, an interesting Indenture between Sherman, Richard Downe and John Glowe. Text is clearly in English. Manuscript on Vellum, size 46 x 27.5cm approx. (The Manor was built by Thomas de Bittlesgate in 1380, and today it is one of the best preserved medieval houses in Great Britain. Knightstone Manor was in 1554 sold to William Sherman from Ottery St. Mary. He had built his wealth as a wool merchant, The son of William and Elisabeth, John Sherman, married Margaret Drake of Ashe, of Sir Francis Drake family (who defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588). The porch still bears a stone, dated 1607, commemorating their marriage. John and his eldest son Richard both died on the same day in 1617).

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