Lot 324Display of Harrier XZ988 Tail Section shot down...

Auction Date: 6/07/2017 at 10:30 am



Display of Harrier XZ988 Tail Section shot down in Falklands War and Harrier diecast model signed the pilot, Squadron Leader Bob Iveson who ejected safely from the Harrier. Tail section and grey-green camouflage scheme of Harrier XZ988 of No1 Squadron which was shot down on 27th May 1982 during an attack on Goose Green and crashed nearby on the Lafonia Peninsula of East Falkland. Squadron Leader Bob Iverson ejected safely and spent three days in hiding before being picked up by the British forces. Diecast 1:72 model of Harrier GR3 hand signed by Bob Iveson, model has parts that require gluing back on, landing wheel and missile

Hammer Price: £40.00

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