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Union Flag marked CJP 6 Jack flown from HMS Coventry (D118) in March 1982. The flag was sent home from Gibraltar on orders of HMS Coventry’s captain, David Hart Dyke before HMS Coventry sailed south on the 2nd April 1982. Documented letter from Lt Commander C.J Pollard RNR who was the Master Gunner on HMS Coventry in 1982. This ship was later bombed and sunk by two bombs from low flying Argentinian A4 Skyhawk aircraft on 25 May 1982 with the loss of 19 crew and 30 injured. After the ship was struck, her crew, waiting to be rescued, sang “Always look on the Bright Side of Life” from Monty Python’s Life of Brian., also including an Original Royal Navy Sea Dart Missile Load and Fire Control Unit from a Type 42 Destroyer similar to HMS Coventry HMS Coventry was the first warship to fire Sea Dart surface-to-air missiles in anger when she fired three on 9 May at two Argentinian Learjets which missed the aircraft. Confirmed kills was an Puma helicopter and two A-4 Skyhawk attack aircraft, an Original Royal Navy Sea Dart Missile Loading/Jettison Synchro Panel, Original Radar Type 909 Control Unit taken from a Type 42 Destroyer for the Sea Dart Missile System this radar was used to illuminate the target aircraft for the Sea Dart missile to lock onto the signal. This unit proved ineffective with low flying Argentinian Skyhawk aircraft with the radar unable to distinguish between the aircraft and the land and was unable to lock on to the attacking aircraft and Argentinian Skyhawk Aircraft C-215 Identification Panel and Indicator Angle of Attack Panel from Mariano Velasco’s Skyhawk used to sink HMS Coventry and shot down by HMS Intrepid in San Carlos waters. 27th May 1982 Skyhawk Identification Panel of Neil Wilkinson HMS Intrepid shot down pilot sunk HMS Coventry 40mm cannon firing off six rounds. Lt Mariano Velasoco one of Skyhawk pilots credited for leading the attack and sinking of HMS Coventry and the only survivor in a squadron of 13 pilots. Plane crashed on Falklands West Island and pilot ejected and after suffering leg injuries walked in below zero temperatures to meet Argentinian forces on the island. Model: L A4D-2 Skyhawk, Model: D676, Serial Number 142102 assigned Number C-215: A4 Skyhawk info reference. Argentinian Air Force Skyhawk

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