Lot 582REELS: (7) DAM Germany anti backlash multiplier reel...

Auction Date: 10/12/2016 at 10:30 am



REELS: (7) DAM Germany anti backlash multiplier reel, counterbalanced handle, brake adjuster, a Southbend 550A anti backlash reel with hot lacquer brass finish, brake and tension regulator, twin white handles, a Southbend Oreno anti backlash reel, model 1000B, a JC Higgins 537 multiplier reel, fishing scene engraved end plates and 3 others by Bell, Bronson etc.

Guide Price: £75.00 - £100.00

The auction took place on 10/12/2016. We will update the website with the latest price list shortly. Please come back later.

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