Lot 447REELS: (2) Hardy St George MK2 alloy trout...

Auction Date: 10/12/2016 at 10:30 am



REELS: (2) Hardy St George MK2 alloy trout fly reel, 3.75”, agate line guide (hairline crack) 2 screw latch, correct smooth alloy foot, part enamel finish and a Foster of Ashbourne 3-1/8” contract trout fly reel, Perfect style, black handle, copper line guide ring, rim tension regulator, MK2 check with ball bearing spindle, hairline crack to frame and sheared drum screw.

Guide Price: £100.00 - £1240.00

The auction took place on 10/12/2016. We will update the website with the latest price list shortly. Please come back later.

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