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India and the Punjab Sikh Book in French Ranjit Singh ‘Voyage dans l'Inde anglaise’ 1857 Travel in British India a rare title with a wealth of information on Ranjit Singh’s court and the Sikhs, with a chapter on General Jean-Francois Allard, a French soldier and adventurer serving in Napoleons army until he left for Punjab in 1820, in very good condition Note: In 1822 he joined the service of Maharaja Ranjit Singh and was commissioned to raise a corps of dragoons and lancers. On completion, Allard was awarded the rank of general, and became the leader of the European officer corps in the Maharaja's service. Allard was awarded the Bright Star of the Punjab by Ranjit Singh and was considered one of the most loyal foreign generals who served, drilling the Sikh army into a formidable force. He continued to serve the Maharaja until his death in 1839.

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