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India Sikh War Battles of England 1847 edition of Battles of England. Covers the Sikh War/Punjab Campaign engravings of Sikh troops and the battle of Sobraon 368 pp. Also includes the Military Life of the Duke of Wellington.  Published by E Appleyard 1846 London. 23 full page engraved illustrations. Covers in detail the Campaign in the Punjab 1845-6 Punjab and its rulers battle of Moodkee Ferozehshah Aliwal Proceedings of the Sikhs in Camp at Lahore British preparation for Battle Battle of Sobrao The Sutlej crossed by the British Army Close of War Terms of Peace Heroes of the Campaign of Sutlej The Sikh Army and the British Loss at Ferozeshah includes engravings ‘Charge of the Sikh Cavalry’ and Passage of the Bridge After the Battle of Sobraon’.

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