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Reinhard Heydrich Signed Documents an interesting grouping of documents relating to Herrn Wilheim Wispeler after WWI he joined the Freikorps ‘Free Corps’, then later joined the police then promoted into gestapo , he served at Wilhelmshaven gestapo headquarters, also Nordhausen, later he was sent on frontline service, after ceasefire he was arrested for being a member of the Gestapo, there are documents showing his full life from WWI up to and after his arrest, 2x documents signed by Heydrich who many regard as the darkest figure within the Nazi elite and described as the man with the Iron heart and include a signed award document to him and another document to him, there's also SS General Bruno Heinrich Streckenbach’s signatures and Heinrich Müller’s signature who was head of Wilhelmshaven Gestapo, both arrested for War Crimes, a great selection worth inspecting (Quantity)

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