Lot 432Interesting WWII Account of the Evacuation of...

Auction Date: 18/10/2016 at 10:30 am



Interesting WWII Account of the Evacuation of Children Operation during the War the term Kinderlandverschickung (Child Land Dispatch, KLV), whereby the children had to go to rural areas on "holiday" but really they should be out of the cities and towns that had difficulties feeding them and were being bombed by the Allies, the booklet entitled ‘Lagerzeit Bad Tölz’ translated ‘Storage time’ and ‘Bad Tölz’ a town in Bavaria, a hand written account with illustrations displaying the activities entailed in rural areas from the period September 1943 through to January 1944, it depicts enjoyable activities outdoors, food and ‘normal’ life, more, finely presented and in good clean condition, worth inspecting

Hammer Price: £40.00

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