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1795 ‘A Journey Over Land to India’ Book by Donald Campbell, First Edition London: Cullen and Company, partly by a route never gone before any European, Complete in 3 parts plus appendix. Donald Campbell (1751-1804), of Barbreck, was a Scottish traveller in India and the Middle East who formerly commanded a regiment of cavalry in the service of the Nabob of the Carnatic: in a series of letters to his son. The journey was made by way of Belgium, the Tyrol, Venice, Alexandria, Aleppo, Diyarbekr, Mosul, Baghdad, Bushire, Bombay, and Goa. He was shipwrecked in the Indian Ocean and made prisoner by Hyder Ali but was subsequently released. The book enjoyed much popularity. "Campbell set out for India across Europe in 1781, planning to sail only across the Indian Ocean. He had many adventures before he finally reached Goa, and sailed from that port May 18, 1782. On the next day the ship ran into a very bad storm, became leaky and then waterlogged, and finally struck on the Indian coast within the dominions of Hyder Ali. Captain Campbell and one other Englishman reached shore, out of eleven European passengers, along with fourteen of fifty-six lascars. Campbell was imprisoned by the Indians for a term of years, but was released after Hyder Ali's death. He joined the British Army in India, and then returned to England after being absent for four years and five days. Large book of original Leather boards, requires some restoration to the spine, boards detached, a scarce issue

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