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Arctic Exploration 1824 ‘The Private Journal of Captain. G.F Lyon of H.M.S. Hecla, during The Recent voyage of Discovery Under Captain Parry’ Book a First Edition, 468 page book extensively detailing this Artic Expedition with a lot of information regarding the Inuit Eskimos and handling his ship among those icy seas. With 7 plate illustrations drawn by Captain Lyons and fold out map as called for. In original cloth binding, some marks throughout otherwise pages are generally A/G Note: George Francis Lyon (1795–1832) was a rare combination of Arctic and African explorer. He was, in 1818, sent with Joseph Ritchie by Sir John Barrow to find the course of the Niger River and the location of Timbuktu. In 1821 given the command of HMS Hecla under William Edward Parry on his second attempt at the Northwest Passage. An aspect of his personality rare at the time was his genuine interest in the "Natives" of the countries he visited. Wearing Arab/Muslim dress and learning fluent Arabic he managed to blend in with the inhabitants of North Africa; he was tattooed by the Inuit in the Arctic, using needle and sooty thread, and ate raw caribou and seal meat with them. But the information recorded about the Inuit tribes that he met proved valuable to later generations of anthropologists, such as Franz Boas and Knud Rasmussen, who relied on his journals as a reference point for their own observations

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