Lot 75Good collection of England rugby programmes from 1933...

Auction Date: 1/09/2016 at 10:30 am



Good collection of England rugby programmes from 1933 but mostly from the 1960’s onwards to incl mostly Five/Six Nations some (A), plus some autumn series vs Wales ‘33(soiled and partially split), 6x 60’s incl Barbarians v New Zealand ’67, 13x ‘70’s vs Australia, Argentina, and 2x New Zealand, 13x 80’s vs Japan, and Fiji, 10x 90’s vs Canada, and 4x 00’s to include vs Argentina, Australia and the Barbarians plus England North vs New Zealand’ 93 played at Anfield Liverpool, a small selection of 80/90’s vs Scotland (A) and Oxford vs Cambridge’ 95 overall (F/G) (58#)

Hammer Price: £15.00

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