Lot 529aAssorted Selection of Newspapers and Ephemeras from 1910...

Auction Date: 30/06/2016 at 10:30 am



Assorted Selection of Newspapers and Ephemeras from 1910 onwards to include The Times (Memorial Edition) 23 May 1910, Daily Mail 7 May 1910, The Christian 12 May 1910, The Manchester Guardian 23 May 1928, The Weekly Telegraph Journal 18 August 1928, The Star 7 Jan 1938Sunday Graphic 20 Nov 1927Sunday Dispatch24 June 1945, t/w National Savings Stamps Book, National Saving Certificates, Motor Fuel Ration Book, Motor Fuel Ration Vouchers, Thoughts on the Beauty of The Devine Nature booklet, written by Lieut-Col J H Macdonald, London 1872, London Hippodrome ‘Meet The Navy programme’, True Stories For The Little Ones by Tonge and Tonge illustrated, ideal eBay lot (#20)

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