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18th Century ‘The London Chronicle’ Newspapers includes 1766 dated 12 Jun – 24 Jun information relating to Commodore Byron, in his late expedition, settled a colony at the Isles Malomines, or Falkland Island. First discovered in 1706 and may be of great use to Britain in any future rupture with Spain. P8, 1766 dated 17 Jun – 19 Jun contents include Commodore Byron directs stone obelisks to be erected at watering places along the shore of the newly discovered (Falkland) island, with plates of copper declaring it the property of the Crown of Great Britain, P8, 1797 dated 4 Mar – 7 Mar contents include two reports of the French landing in Wales, under the command of an American, with the intention to burn Bristol. P2 and P5 and 1804 dated 13 Nov – 15 Nov containing information regarding the refurbishment of Windsor Castle for Royal family, P1. New Cotton Twiss manufactory, with steam engine made by Boulton and Watts, in Carlisle, P2. The Recruiting Officer, the most licentious play now upon the stock list was peformed last night…, P6. Sir George Rumbold abducted by French troops and taken to Paris, P5/6. James Monroe, American Minister to England (and future President of USA) presented to Napoleon, P4, great selection, in good, clean condition (4)

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