Lot 500Of Historical Significance - Professor Myron Evans (B.Sc...

Auction Date: 30/06/2016 at 10:30 am



Of Historical Significance - Professor Myron Evans (B.Sc., Ph. D., D. Sc., Physics and Chemistry) Original Manuscript entitled ‘Corrections to the Rayleigh Jeans Density of States’ a folder containing original works of Prof. Myron Evans, typed with hand written calculations and annotations. The historical value of the MSS has been established by Computer Scientometrics (Book available), showing that the Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) unified theory has been read regularly in the top ranking Universities throughout the world since 30th April 2004 and has increased ever since. The copious amount of scientometric data summarised in reference has been distilled into two graphs which shows very clearly that Evans’ work is of historical significance and are available to view upon request. These works are accompanied with a signed COA provided by Prof. Myron Evans.

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