Lot 337Original 1930s BSA Motorcycle Engine Plans to include...

Auction Date: 30/06/2016 at 10:30 am



Original 1930s BSA Motorcycle Engine Plans to include 1932 3.49hp O.H.V Single Port Engine L32-3 72m/m Bore x 85.5m/m Stroke, 9.86hp Deluxe Engine G32-10 80m/m Bore x 98 m/m Stroke =986cc and 1929 BSA 3.49hp STD O.H.V Engine 72m/m Bore x 851/2m/m Stroke = 3.49cc, all full size scales, dated and approved signatures, all used to construct the engines, with valve guides, printed on linen direct from the original drawings, measuring overall 100 x 70cm approx. (3) Note: Obtained from the previous BSA Motorcycle factory in Redditch, items that are rare on the market.

Hammer Price: £560.00

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