Lot 979Houghton, George Golf Selection (14) titles include ‘Golfers’...

Auction Date: 26/05/2016 at 10:30 am



Houghton, George Golf Selection (14) titles include ‘Golfers’ ABC’, ‘Confessions of a Golf Addict, ‘Golf Addict Visits the USA’, ‘Addict in Bunkerland’, ‘More Confessions of a Golf Addict’, ‘Golf Addict Goes East x2’, ‘Golf Addict in Gaucho Land’, ‘Golf Addict invades Wales’, ‘How to be a Golf Addict’, ‘Golf Addicts on Parade’, ‘Golf and the Stranglehold, ‘Golf Addict among the Irish’, and ‘Patrick Campbells Golfing Book’ majority are HB with DJs, some mixed conditions fair to good (14)

Hammer Price: £100.00

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