Lot 978Houghton, George Golf Collection (17) – ‘Golf Addict...

Auction Date: 26/05/2016 at 10:30 am



Houghton, George Golf Collection (17) – ‘Golf Addict Among The Irish’, ‘The Truth about Golf Addicts An Anthology’, ‘Golf on my pillow’, An Addict’s Guide To British Golf’, ‘Portrait of a Golf Addict’, ‘Golfers Treasury’, ‘Addict in Bunkerland’ ‘Golf Addict Strikes Again!’, ‘Golf Addict Among The Irish’, ‘I Am A Golf Widow’, ‘Golf Addicts Omnibus’, Golf Addicts Among The Scots’, ‘Golf Addict Goes East’, ‘Golf Addict Invades Wales’, ‘Golf and The Stranglehold’ ‘Golf Addict in Gaucho Land’, and ‘Golf Addicts on Parade’ – many 1st ed and most with D/Js – overall (F/G) – nice collection

Hammer Price: £90.00

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