Lot 8187x Surrey golf club handbooks from the 1930s...

Auction Date: 26/05/2016 at 10:30 am



7x Surrey golf club handbooks from the 1930s onwards by Robert H. K Browning, Henry Longhurst, Tom Scott and others to include Tyrrells Wood Golf Club Leatherhead (Browning), Bramley Golf Club (Browning), Hindhead Golf Club, Addington Golf Club (Longhurst), Wimbledon Park Golf Club (Scott), Maidenhead Golf Club (Scott), Ellesborough Golf Club (Scott), Stoke Poges Golf Club (Scott) and 2x Addington Court Golf Club and public Golf Course together with Addington Court Rules and Regulations overall (F/G) (9)

Hammer Price: £120.00

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