Lot 4621938 Herbert Sutcliffe Century of Centuries for Yorkshire...

Auction Date: 25/05/2016 at 10:30 am



1938 Herbert Sutcliffe Century of Centuries for Yorkshire County Cricket Club presentation oak side table canteen of silver cutlery - complete with engraved inlaid silver plaque to the top which reads “Presented to Mr Herbert Sutcliffe - By the Yorkshire County Cricket Club - as a mark of their esteem and to commemorate his hundredth century for the County Club 11th January 1938” - overall 30.5” x 36” x 21” c/w 2 full length long drawers, fully fitted with mostly Walker & Hall silver hallmarked cutlery as follows A). Top Drawer comprises the following 11x W&H (Walker & Hall) table knives, 11x W&H knives, 6x W&H silver hallmarked egg spoons, 11x W&H silver hallmarked tea spoons, 12x Walter & Trickett & Co EPNS fruit spoons, 7x W&H silver hallmarked table forks, 5x Walters & Trickett & Co EPNS table Forks, 3x W&H silver hallmarked dessert forks together with 6x Webster & Trickett & Co plus 3x others, Pair of W&H silver sugar tongues and silver condiment spoon. Bottom Drawer contains a near complete set comprising W&H (Walker & Hall) silver Fish Serving fork and knife, 1 of 2 W&A silver sauce spoons, W&H silver butter knife, 11 of 12 W&A silver soup spoons, 6x W&A silver dessert spoons, 6x Webster and Trickett & Co dessert spoons, 12x W&A silver fish forks, 12x W&A silver side forks, 12x W&A silver fish knives, 12x W&A silver side knives, 5 out 6 W&A silver serving spoons – missing only 1 gravy spoon, soup ladle and 2x salt spoons Note approx. weight 150 troy oz

Hammer Price: £1200.00

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