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Unique Kampfgruppe Von Werthern Roadbook signed by Commander Hauptmann Francois. From the residence of Adolf Hitler in the Berghof, an absolutely unique document brought back by one of the liaison officers. This book is dedicated to Adolf Hitler by Hauptmann Francois, Commander of the Kampfgruppe von Werthern. It covers the retreat from Lithuania covering periods from July to September 1944 on roughly a daily basis, bound in Military textured fabric with a leather spine, displaying a large metallic shield plaque to the front, entitled ‘Kampfgruppe v Werthern Francois’, some letters are missing but glue marks are still clear to read, signed to the front page by Commander Francois in ink, the book contains typed extracts of events, a rough translation from page 3 ‘In the East, the German lines are pushed. The Russians rush westward with incalculable superiority in men and equipment. On July 7th, the Von Werthern - François Brigade opposed this flood which approached the German border’, with the name of the writer at the bottom of most, further translation ‘At the first hours in the morning, we overtake refugees. Tired, they are slumped on their saddles, and are partially put to sleep by the regular rhythm of their horses. Dragging feet, leaned forward, the walkers flow back. They are squatted in carts, many have only little place and sleep. The drivers attached reins to their neck. All are exhausted, burned by the sun and the efforts’, of the harshness of these fights came the idea to bring back these experiences and to illustrate them by superbly detailed sketches accompanying the text, some coloured, others in pencil, and some action photographs, all stuck to large pieces of card and bound, some protective tissue pieces covering sketches, wonderfully presented in good condition, p130, measuring 35 x 42 x 6.5cm. This books collects these reports. They are neither modified nor edited. The character of this warrior life must be preserved. They are commented by literal extracts of the fight bulletins of the Brigade

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