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WWI Adolf Hitler 1916 Original Dog Tags a pair of oval, aluminium zinc dog tags, measuring approx. 7 x 5cm and stamped officially with Adolf Hitler’s volunteer number ‘148’, these were issued to Hitler when he was due to report to the 4th Company, 1st Replacement Battalion after recovering from his wounds in October- December 1916, the reverse depicting a trench art type inscription, with ‘E.S 1916’ and ‘E.S’ in relation to Ernst Schmidt. Both tags attached to commemorative ribbon watch fobs and chains, some oxidation present otherwise in generally good condition, dog tags have usual marks but otherwise clear and presentable examples, some discolouration to ribbon, and minor tears to one (2). Note: Adolf Hitler gave these Dog Tags to Ernst Schmidt, his fellow despatch runner and friend, when, after pleading not to be re-routed, he returned to his ‘family’ the 3rd Company, and was accordingly issued with new Dog Tags. His only active Company was the 3rd, along with two brief months in 1916 for the 4th, and not the 1st Company as other Dog Tags on the market may suggest. Hitler reported for service at the headquarters of the 6th Recruit Replacement Battalion, 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment at Munich’s Elisabeth School, it was here he took an oath of allegiance to Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and Supreme Commander of the German Army. Once enrolled as a volunteer and issued number ‘148’, he was handed his kit and transferred to the Oberwiesenfeld Barracks for training (this extracted from The Man Who Invented Hitler, page 107 by David Laws)

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