Lot 496Original Artwork Roman Zenzinger Grenade Thrower in pencil...

Auction Date: 1/03/2016 at 10:30 am



Original Artwork Roman Zenzinger Grenade Thrower in pencil on paper title in pencil to bottom left hand corner and signed ‘Zenzinger’ to bottom right hand corner. Fine portrait of a German soldier about to throw a stick grenade with preliminary sketch to top right hand corner. With two further outline sketches in black ink and pencil respectively to verso showing two German soldiers about to release stick grenades. Overall dimensions 45 x 62cm in good clean condition. Note: Roman Zenzinger 1903-1990 was an Austrian artist and commercial designer best known for his intense portraits and sketches of soldiers during World War II. He was drafted in April 1941 into the German army as a war painter with his work regarding soldiers never shown to the public until 2011

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