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Unusual East India Railways Item 1914 Tundla (17 miles from Agra) 31st July consisting of; A Silver plated tube which has engraved on it: “Presented to Mr C Eyers. By the members of the Locomotive Department, Tundla. On occasion of his Transfer. As a small token of their appreciation of his just and sympathetic treatment of them during his tenure in office”. His initials E C inscribed intwined on the rounded end. Size 12.5” x 2” diameter. Within is an attractive silk scroll. Which in brief states; “C Eyer Esq Actg. Loco. Superintendent, Tundla E I Railway. We are gathered together to-night to express our very sincere regret at having to lose the protection and sympathetic guidance that you have taught us to appreciate. When about two weeks ago, we heard that you were going to Jamalpur on transfer, it was with genuine sorrow that we accepted the news. Your name will stand high on the roll of District Officers. But it will be found in a better list, of those who have done much for the happiness of their subordinates” etc. The silk scroll was printed in Agra. Its size being 10.5” x 15.5”.

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