Lot 469Palestine Unusual Souvenir Booklet of Palestine c1900 with...

Auction Date: 1/03/2016 at 10:30 am



Palestine Unusual Souvenir Booklet of Palestine c1900 with 12 pages of attractive pressed flowers. Text in English and French, German and Russian. In beautiful polished Olive Wood front and back covers. Size 17 x 10cm approx. t/w Souvenir Views Booklet entitled ‘Jerusalem’ c1905 with 24 full page photographs of Jerusalem at that time. Also Jaffa, Mount Carmel, Tiberias and Beirut. Text in Russian as well as English. In red cloth board binding with gold tooling, size18 x 12cm and ‘The New Palestine’ Booklet c1944 an interesting 28 page publication with 26 photograph showing the development of Palestine and detailing text. Published by the Central Jewish Hospitality Committee for Soldiers, Jerusalem, overall mixed conditions, average to good (3)

Hammer Price: £65.00

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