Lot 188Sanoid First Aid Satchel including medical equipment such...

Auction Date: 1/03/2016 at 10:30 am



Sanoid First Aid Satchel including medical equipment such as 2 x Tourniquets with original instructions, 2x Extension Splint sets, 20x Plain Triangular Bandages, 5x Large First Aid Dressings, 3x Absorbent Cotton Wool, 4x Medium dressings, 1x clean cotton rags, 2x Splint straps, 3 Extra fine bandages, most Cuxson, Gerrard & Co paper wrappers, a handful of tourniquet wooden pegs, and safety pins, also a quarter bottle of iodine, most appear unused and unopened, the satchel has two outer pockets, is made of canvass and has various flaps in which to protect the contents, overall measurement 40 x 25 x 35cm approx.

Hammer Price: £20.00

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