Lot 172Selection of Horological Books to include ‘British Horological...

Auction Date: 1/03/2016 at 10:30 am



Selection of Horological Books to include ‘British Horological Institute Technical Horology Grade 8’, ‘How To Repair Antique Clocks Vol 3’ signed by the author John Wilding, ‘How To Make a 30 Hour Weight Driven Alarm Clock’ by John Wilding, ‘Repairing Pendulum Clocks’ by H Jendritzki, ‘English Lantern Clocks’ by WFJ Hana, ‘Watch Escapements’ by James Pellaton, ‘Watch and Clock Making and Repairing’ by Gazeley, ‘Clocks & Clock Repairing’ by Eric Smith, ‘How Time is Measured’ by Peter Hood and ‘Gears for Small Mechanics’ by W Davis, majority of books are ex. Libris, some wear to books, but overall average to good condition (10)

Guide Price: £30.00 - £50.00

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