Lot 8391999 Rugby World Cup programmes near complete run...

Auction Date: 10/12/2015 at 10:30 am



1999 Rugby World Cup programmes near complete run 37/38 to incl the Final , 2x Semi Finals, three quarter place Playoff, 4x Quarter Finals and 2x Quarter Final Play offs, together with pool matches including Fiji vs Namibia/France vs Canada, Wales vs Argentina, Spain vs Uruguay, England vs Italy Ireland vs USA, Scotland vs South Africa, New Zealand vs Tonga, Samoa vs Japan, Australia vs Romania, France vs Namibia/Fiji vs Canada, Scotland vs Uruguay, England vs New Zealand, Wales vs Japan, USA vs Romania, South Africa vs Spain, Italy vs Tonga, Argentina vs Samoa, Ireland vs Australia, Canada vs Namibia/France vs Fiji, New Zealand vs Italy, Wales vs Samoa, Australia vs USA, South Africa vs Uruguay, England vs Tonga, Ireland vs Romania, Scotland vs Spain, Argentina vs Japan, England vs Fiji, and vs Argentina, Scotland vs Samoa, Wales vs Australia, France vs Argentina, New Zealand vs Scotland, South Africa vs Australia, New Zealand vs France, South Africa vs New Zealand and Australia vs France (Final) mixed condition A/G worth inspecting

Hammer Price: £80.00

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